• May I a small house and a large garden have; And a few friends, and many books, both true, both wise, and both delightful too!

  • ~ Abraham Cowley

    The kettle's always on in Merryville. It whistles a song of peace.

  • ~ Lena

  • Merryville is a very pretty and some say a bit quirky, though neighborly, little town. A simple place, in a simpler time, it sits within a small valley ringed with evergreens, wild cherry trees and several small farms . Most folks who grow up in Merryville, tend to stay in Merryville. Just a bicycle's ride to the coast, you'll find the loveliest lilacs grow here in spring, and folks come from miles around, just to see our bluebirds, and to hear the blackbirds sing.

  • Now, while you may say that Merryville isn't a real place, you can't really say that it doesn't exist. Merryville is as real to me as any place on earth. It dwells in my heart, and in the spirit with which I try to approach living.

  • When I was asked to write my diary I did so with precisely these thoughts in mind. There is always room for a beam of light to remind us of the nobility and beauty of ordinary things, to celebrate them, but also to give thanks.

  • ~ Roy Strong

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